Operations Engineer Advertising

Operations Engineer is the ideal platform for companies wishing to advertise to engineers, technicians and managers that deal with the specification, operation and maintenance of industrial plant and mobile plant. Whether you are promoting a new product launch, a re-brand or an upcoming event, Operations Engineer’s website and/or magazine can put your message in front of a key audience.

Online advertising

Operations Engineer’s website includes high-quality editorial, a comprehensive supplier database (see below for more details) and a searchable summary archive of every article published over the last five years. It hosts features and product news, plus relevant industry events. It is highly optimised to improve search engine results and to widen its appeal and traffic from the UK and overseas.

For online campaigns, a host of conventional and rich media advertising options are available, ranging from traditional banners, buttons and skyscrapers through to more eye-catching options, such as videos. The real advantage of online advertising is that it can be measured.

Magazine advertising

Operations Engineer magazine is published monthly and distributed free of charge to UK members of the IPlantE (Institution of Plant Engineers) and BES (Bureau of Engineer Surveyors) Professional Sectors of SOE (the Society of Operations Engineers). For members outside of the UK, the magazine is available as a digital download.

Operations Engineer’s circulation is fully ABC audited every year and enjoys a circulation figure of more than 5,000 readers in a range of sectors, including: manufacturing; construction; utilities - including waste collection; transport; military; building services; agriculture; and mining.

Online Supplier Directory

The Operations Engineer Supplier Directory is a detailed database of suppliers and service providers. Here, operations engineers, plant engineers and managers can search for any product or service by supplier name or category type using industry recognised classification terms or key word search. Basic supplier information is included in the directory free of charge, but enhanced listings provide the supplier with a 100 word sales description or company profile, company logo and full contact details.

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