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BHS-Sonthofen offers control solutions for complete recycling plants

BHS-Sonthofen now offers turnkey control systems for complete plants in the field of recycling and environment thanks to the newly founded BHS Control Systems. The customer receives complete solutions tailored to their needs, including recycling, control, and automation technology from a single source. BHS provides assistance in transferring the control ... » Read More

07/05/2021 Oxair promotes air drying kit Eliminating the build-up of moisture is an ongoing challenge in the mining ... » Read More

06/05/2021 Exporta builds a pallet box Exporta has custom-built a pallet box for Oceaneering. » Read More

06/05/2021 Bearings save steel line costs By replacing plain-bush bearings with NSK HPS spherical roller bearings ... » Read More
05/05/2021 Valves improve wash process At a refinery in East London, repeated replacement of a control valve and ... » Read More

05/05/2021 Personalised padlocks A lockout/tagout padlock is often the last obstacle to prevent a premature ... » Read More

05/05/2021 Spray lubrication for Sugden Sugden, a manufacturer of production lines for bakery products, is ... » Read More

Mind the gap

Engineered systems support people living and working indoors. However, there is often a gap between the way those systems were designed to work, and what happens in reality. Enter the growing field of building performance evaluation. By Tom Austin-Morgan

According to the UK’s National Energy Foundation, there is significant and growing evidence ...
» Read More

06/05/2021 Profile: OpenTherm boiler code A Dutch association of boiler makers promotes a brand-agnostic communication standard between boilers, heat pumps and their controllers that reflects more efficient control methods then are currently in common use in the UK. By Will ... » Read More

29/04/2021 Automatic lubrication systems Although automatic lubrication systems don’t do away with servicing requirements altogether – they still need to be checked and replenished – such systems do offer plants greater confidence that rotating equipment will not run dry. By ... » Read More

29/04/2021 Eco-friendly lubricants Technological developments are breaking down the traditional division between eco-friendly and high-performance industrial lubricants. The developments are being pushed by consumer demand. By Jody Muelaner » Read More
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