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Sulzer launches the world’s biggest medium-consistency pump

Sulzer announces the launch of the world’s biggest medium-consistency pump, the MCE93-400. The new MCE pump size is Sulzer’s answer to the customers’ demand for bigger production rates in pulp mills.

Pumping of liquids with a high dry solids content, referred to as medium consistency (MC), is essential for the processes in the pulp and paper ...
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01/12/2021 Grease lab at Molyslip Global lubricant manufacturer Molyslip has installed a new EMCOR test rig ... » Read More

30/11/2021 Nornickel-SKF maintenance deal SKF and Nornickel Harjavalta started working together in 2010 with the ... » Read More

30/11/2021 Mitsubishi: CNC robot programs Mitsubishi Electric has brought together the previously-disparate fields ... » Read More
29/11/2021 Standalone thermal imager Sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has introduced a thermal imaging camera ... » Read More

26/11/2021 Cleaning nozzle coverage claim According to the manufacturer, the PlusClean delivers unprecedented 100% ... » Read More

26/11/2021 Vodafone & self-powered masts Vodafone has developed self-powered mobile towers and will deploy these ... » Read More

An introduction to feedback devices for VFD and servo applications

One issue that often arises when designing closed-loop applications is which type of feedback to use on the motors. In this article, Jeff Kardell of KEB America describes the different types of feedback devices in variable frequency drives (VFDs) and servo applications, as well as some typical examples of where they can be utilised.

What is motor ...
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22/11/2021 Selecting the right blower In the wastewater industry, aeration processes are essential to achieving high water quality standards, but they can also be one of the largest energy consumers. This combination makes reliability and energy efficiency very important ... » Read More

22/11/2021 Functional safety and cyber Malware in standard information technology (IT) systems is, at most, disruptive but not generally life-threatening. However, what happens when this malware is transmitted to thousands of sensors in a nuclear plant, causing a major ... » Read More

18/11/2021 Oil-free air options for food CompAir has published a new white paper for the food and beverage industry, discussing how the right compressed air system can make an important contribution to an organisation’s overall sustainability ambitions, as well as help ... » Read More
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