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Mechan adds jewel in Crown Point upgrade

Engineers from Sheffield-based Mechan have installed a bespoke bogie drop as part of the large-scale development of Norwich’s Crown Point rail depot.

The depot equipment specialists have designed and built the custom-made unit, which enables bogies to be changed without decoupling trains, saving valuable servicing time. The bogie drop will be ...
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14/06/2021 30 years:Reed Boardall and EJM Temperature-controlled food storage and distribution businesses, Reed ... » Read More

11/06/2021 Nucore Group: offshore cooling Offshore technical services company Nucore Group has recently designed and ... » Read More

11/06/2021 Howden's hydrogen appointment Air and gas handling firm Howden Group has appointed Salah Mahdy in the ... » Read More
10/06/2021 ABB inkjet head's robot award The International Federation of Robotics’ 2021 Award for Innovation and ... » Read More

10/06/2021 Parker names regional head Parker Technical Services, part of national facilities, technical and ... » Read More

09/06/2021 BPMA and AEMT cooperate The British Pump Manufacturers’ Association (BPMA) and the Association of ... » Read More

Lift-off for no-logo diagnostics

A greater number of third parties are now accessing data for lift diagnostics, ending reliance on OEM maintenance contracts. By Steed Webzell

Although estimates vary, there are approximately 13 million lifts around the world, while the number of buildings over 200m high has tripled in the past 20 years. As a result, the demand for comprehensive ...
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10/06/2021 Eminox fits SCR to rail car An emissions treatment system adapted from commercial vehicles provides a possible way to improve air quality in the rail network. By James Thorpe, senior sales manager, Eminox » Read More

28/05/2021 Sewer heat recovery There is a hidden and rarely used energy source in domestic buildings that has the potential to bring balance to the perceived uncertainty of the future energy grid mix. Now, wastewater heat recovery systems (WWHRS) are being included ... » Read More

28/05/2021 Domestic gas boiler control A Dutch association of boiler makers promotes a brand-agnostic communication standard between boilers and their controllers that reflects more efficient control methods then are currently in common use in the UK » Read More
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