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New gas flow sensors from ifm electronic

A new range of flow sensors measures the usage of expensive industrial gases such as argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium.

Because of the way that they maintain accurate readings over their measuring range, the sensors can also be used for leakage detection, says manufacturer ifm electronic. Typical applications include bottling and ...
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25/09/2020 Brunel Engraving buys machines Brunel Engraving reports that it has made a major investment in new ... » Read More

24/09/2020 FLIR ultrasonic imaging camera The new FLIR Si124 industrial acoustic imaging camera senses, displays and ... » Read More

24/09/2020 RFID-read temperature labels Brady Corporation now offers RFID temperature labels that enable wireless ... » Read More
23/09/2020 Detecting air in transformers According to the environmental measuring firm, the new method is based on ... » Read More

23/09/2020 Factory gas burners replaced Thwaites, a manufacturer of construction industry dumper trucks, has ... » Read More

22/09/2020 BG Energy Solutions: Keadby 2 BG Energy Solutions has been appointed to design building management ... » Read More

Portable industrial vacuums: powering up

Industrial vacuums pack a powerful punch. They will clear up dry and wet waste at factory scale, yet are small enough to be wheeled around a site on a cart or by forklift. By Brian Wall

Industrial areas are best kept as clean as possible for safety, to prevent slips, trips and falls on obstacles, and for hygienic reasons, as bacteria grow and ...
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24/09/2020 A guide to magnetic separators Magnetic separators are often installed in arduous conditions. How do they work, and what are their maintenance requirements? By Adam Offord » Read More

17/09/2020 EEMUA: safety systems testing A new publication from the Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association offers practical guidance on some of the problems which have to be dealt with when testing real process plant equipment. Here, the organisation ... » Read More

17/09/2020 Finding water leaks Water demand in the UK will exceed supply in just 25 years, the head of the Environment Agency has warned – with part of the blame falling on leaking pipework. What can be done to avert this? By Brian Wall » Read More
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