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Wine producer cuts downtime with new chain

A German wine producer has improved its productivity by retrofitting an anti-corrosion chain on its conveyor system. The company invested in a Tsubaki Neptune chain that has increased service life and reduced downtime with less-frequent replacement and maintenance requirements. The upgraded chain has also reduced the total cost of ownership.

A ...
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30/07/2021 Building a new bread oven Baking the perfect loaf of bread, and in large enough quantities, demands ... » Read More

29/07/2021 Rotamec acquires Covelec Rotamec Engineering Services, which offers motor rewinds, pump and gearbox ... » Read More

27/07/2021 Musk tank project on Lewis BASF Pharma (Callanish) is working with EJ Musk Process Services to ... » Read More
26/07/2021 Toyota's automated demo site Toyota Material Handling UK has announced the opening of a dedicated ... » Read More

23/07/2021 First automated grid battery French public electricity transmission system operator RTE and Nidec ... » Read More

23/07/2021 SPIE installs new lighting SPIE UK was awarded the contract to install new floodlights at Tynecastle ... » Read More

Circular economy from fuels to fashion

Various technologies are appearing that are enabling new products to be made from waste products, ranging from clothing to biofuels By Tom Austin-Morgan

A number of technologies emerging that are poised to eliminate waste in industries from fast fashion to biofuels. These procedures combine mechanical and chemical processes to break down waste ...
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30/07/2021 Hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel The ‘hydrogen economy’ refers to the way hydrogen — the lightest and simplest of elements — could become a central pillar of a carbon-neutral society that still allows the economy to thrive. In principle, hydrogen could provide energy ... » Read More

29/07/2021 Using the correct spill kit Spill kits are essential when dealing with workplace spills and leaks, particularly those involving dangerous substances and contaminants, but workers need to make sure they are using the right spill kit for the job. First Mats talks ... » Read More

29/07/2021 Eaton guide to tube When it comes to specifying a hydraulic piping connection system for marine applications there are a number of critical factors to keep in mind. Firstly, the system must carry approval in accordance with the relevant agency ... » Read More
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